Chris Shaw’s Google Glass Roadtrip

Chris Shaw plans to take his Google Glass on the road and use the device to create a point-of-view documentary of his experiences.

Top: Google Glass Beta Tester Chris Shaw. Bottom: Shaw’s Kickstarter project, Tech Trek, designed to showcase Kansas City’s entrepreneurial resources.

With the advent of Google Glass, using a pair of eyeglasses to create a viewpoint documentary on various entrepreneurial hubs is a feasible idea. Still, it may continue to sound a little outlandish. Chris Shaw is working to shake up this perception.

Shaw, entrepreneur in residence at Think Big Partners and all-around ambitious guy, created Tech Trek, the aforementioned documentary project, in March after he was invited by Google to be a Google Glass Explorer, or beta tester.

Not wanting to simply take photographs of his breakfast each morning, Shaw launched Tech Trek on Kickstarter and raised $10,825, exceeding his goal of $9,780, to fund the project. Now, Shaw will take Google Glass around the country to showcase the entrepreneurial places across the West—Silicon Valley to L.A. to Las Vegas to Boulder, Co. to Kansas City.

“When I returned to Kansas City, I was working on my next company, and I happened to mention the Google Glass project to a local videographer. He suggested I use them to create a documentary. It was pretty serendipitous,” Shaw says.

Participants in the Kickstarter project will be able to participate in the Tech Trek based on the level that they contributed to the project. Shaw is hoping the entertainment value of the documentary will be just the beginning of its impact on the local community.

“I am most excited about Tech Trek exposing locals to entrepreneurial resources outside the city. Most of these places have more entrepreneurs in one block than Kansas City has altogether. I hope it inspires local entrepreneurs to grow and innovate,” Shaw says.

Shaw hopes that Google Glass’s capabilities are only just being understood.

“I think Google Glass will be a great resource for preventing and treating disease. They could prompt behavioral change. The glasses, allowing only the healthy food to be displayed, could block entire sections of menus out. Medication alerts and other healthful reminders could pop up on the glasses,” Shaw muses.

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