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Nutrition Essentials Summer 2013: Vegetarian Cooking, Kombucha Tea and More


A summer spotlight on some great Kansas City places and products that will keep you refreshed, entertained and energized.


Spread it on crackers and sandwiches. Dip fruit in it. Crumble it on pizzas. Hungry yet? Once you taste fresh sheep’s milk cheese from Green Dirt Farm in Weston, Mo., you’ll be hungry for more. Green Dirt Farm is a small sheep dairy farm and creamery that produces award-winning sheep’s milk cheese, yogurt and 100% grass-fed lamb.

With a tangy flavor that comes naturally from the grasses in their pastures, their moisture-rich, fresh cheeses come in several varieties: Plain, Nettle, Garlic & Peppercorn, Spicy Chilis and Rosemary. You can get your cheese and eat it too when you visit area farmers’ markets or retailers, like Hen House, Dean & Deluca and Cosentino’s Markets. You can also order these little 4-oz. clamshell containers of cheesy goodness online at greendirtfarm.com for $7.49. ––Kelli White



Fresh baked bread is just better. And according to the two families that own and operate Bread of Life organic bakery in Stewartsville, Mo., using locally grown, 100-percent organic, fresh-ground wheat tastes better and is better for the your body and the land. What could be better than that?

Bread of Life offers 55 varieties of baked goodness ready for your family’s table. Find their goods at City Market, the farmers’ market in Brookside, KC Organics & Natural Farmers Market, Whole Foods, Nature’s Pantry and Cosentino’s Brookside Market. Or order online at breadoflifebakery.net. All orders ship on Mondays. Breads range from $4-7 and the bakery also offers handmade cookies and cinnamon rolls. ––Kelli White


Right Up Your Alley

This cookbook ($32) from vegetarian café Eden Alley contains 85 pages packed with information on healthy diets, food safety and recipes ranging from aioli to zucchini cake. Many recipes in the book use the same ingredients, which makes it easier for those newly experimenting with clean eating.

The Stir-well to Heaven cookbook stays true to the café’s motto of providing local, organic, soy-, gluten-free and vegetarian and/or vegan ingredients to nourish the “conscientious eater.” Order yours today at edenalley.com or pick up a copy at Eden Alley, 707 W. 47th St. ––Kelli White


Summertime means it’s time for berry picking! Right around the summer solstice, June 21, is the perfect time to visit an area berry patch. Picking your own berries is more economical and a fun, educational event. At The Berry Patch, located south of Kansas City at 22509 State Line Road, Cleveland, Mo., “U-Pik” blueberry season is from mid-May to mid-August. Pick your own bucket full of this power food and have enough to freeze and last the whole year.

The farm also has pick-your-own blackberries, already picked and packaged berries, freshly made jams and jellies and blueberry bushes for sale. Berry season may change due to weather, so before you grab your berry bucket, visit theberrypatchonline.com for updated seasonal information. ––Kelli White


LocalBucha, made by Get Real Food Company, makes organic kombucha tea in Kansas City, using premium tea, quality raw foods, spices and herbs for flavoring. Their quality control process ensures proper bottling and aging to produce pleasing carbonation and flavor-filled refreshment.

Buying locally produced kombucha means helping the environment by reducing energy costs and pollution needed to package, ship and refrigerate other brands from across the country. Pop the top off a bottle and take a long, soothing sip.

Learn more and find local retail outlets at localbucha.com.