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How to Personalize Your Wallpaper


These custom wallpapers have plenty of residential potential with some imagination on your part.

Want a fresh design idea to spruce up a wall or room in the home? Look beyond painting a faux finish or mural and consider custom-printed wallpaper. Consider the possibilities––an amazing photograph from an overseas trip or a cherished loved one, original artwork or a design of your own creation––that can be digitally printed on wallpaper to make a truly personal design statement.

Custom Color, a full-service commercial graphics printer that recently relocated from North Kansas City to Lenexa, offers a line of durable, printable wallpapers with a variety of subtle textures. The company stocks the best-selling Abaco Beach Suede material, which has a fine powdered texture that provides a soft elegant look. While the wallpaper is typically used for commercial applications, design-savvy homeowners can easily adapt the product for use.

To produce the print, Custom Color simply needs a hi-resolution file. “This could be a jpeg file from a digital photograph or a stock image purchased from sites like that provide millions of royalty-free stock images and illustrations,” says Jeff Hamilton of Custom Color. “Customers can browse for a particular image, purchase the file and send it to us.”

Images are digitally printed using UV/solvent inks and then liquid laminated with a water-based matte laminate for scratch resistance and UV protection from the sun or other large light sources. The laminate also allows for wiping of the surface that could come in handy in a kitchen or children’s playroom.

Custom Color cannot print images that infringe on any copyright, moral right, trademark or other intellectual property right or violate any right of privacy or publicity. Hamilton says, “In other words, say someone wants a nice, big mural of Arrowhead Stadium down in their man cave. We would need permission from the Kansas City Chiefs or the NFL to print and sell the mural to the customer.”

Otherwise, the only limit is the customer’s imagination.

“Also, we do work with designers that can put together custom designs or concepts for prospective customers,” says Hamilton. “The cost for the graphic design generally ranges from $50 to $150 per hour. Sometimes a flat rate is negotiated for standard or simple designs.”

Visit Custom Color of Kansas City for price estimates

Pricing varies dependent on the size of the project, but the wallpaper cost averages $6–10 per square foot, not including installation.

Installation is similar to other vinyl wall-covering material; however, the custom wallpaper comes in 54-inch rolls as opposed to the typical 20.5-inch-width rolls sold at a hardware store. Hamilton recommends professional installation.

“Custom Color has handled many installations,” he says. “Costs vary dependent on the size of the project. Our installers state that the material itself is the easiest they’ve worked with and a step beyond the ‘off the shelf’ wall coverings and paper.”