Jane Gotch: Exploring Questions About Movement


Along with a creative partner, Kansas City dancer Jane Gotch is creating a documentary about using dance as an exploratory art.

Jane Gotch – Dance and Performance Art

This fall, dancer and performance artist Jane Gotch is collaborating with sound and music artist Shawn Hansen. Gotch & Hansen’s ongoing project is titled “Revelation is Locked in Motion.”

Dancer Jane Gotch during a recent performance at UMKC.

During an eight-hour stretch on a June day this summer, Gotch & Hansen performed in, around and via a moving car while navigating a plotted labyrinthine road-trip throughout greater Kansas City within the boundary of I-435. The performance began and ended at the city’s confluence of the Kaw and Missouri Rivers.

The song and dance performance involved stops at specific locations to explore and reflect the space where it occurred. They documented the adventure through video and still images of the performance and city. “This performance is a gesture of exploration,” says Gotch. “We used the time and space allowed in this endurance piece to explore questions we have about movement and performance.”

Video clips can be viewed at

Gotch is also at work on a new dance performance more traditional than past events that involved use of actors and theater artists. Her new cast includes Leonard Gayden, a B-boy/DJ, and Juliet Remmers, a recent KU dance department graduate. They begin a nine-month rehearsal process in September that will culminate in a May 2014 performance.

“Currently, I am envisioning this piece performed in the abandoned grain silos in Tonganoxie, Kan.” As with the Gotch & Hansen project, Gotch says, “I am interested in resonance and how the acoustics and shape of a place influence the way we feel and move within it; how those movements can act as devices to ‘record and observe’ the character of the location. Thus, creating an all-encompassing environment for the audience.”

Gotch also recently received a space grant at Charlotte Street Foundation’s Urban Culture Project Studios for September 2013-August 2014.