Whitney Manney To Unveil Fabric Line at 2013 KC Fashion Week


The Spring / Summer collection will be called, naturally, WHITNEYMANNEY.

Manney received a 2013 Inspiration Grant from ArtsKC that led to the development of digitally-printed fabric for her fashion label. Regarding the award, she remarks, “It has been a huge honor and blessing. It makes me feel like I have a place here as an artist. This entire collection would not be possible without their help.”

Digital Seamstress and KCAI Fiber Arts graduate, Whitney Manney at work in her studio. Photographs by Lauren Snedden

Manney, a 2012 Fiber Arts graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, will present the spring/summer 2014 collection of her label WHITNEYMANNEY at Kansas City Fashion Week in October and will also show part of the collection at St. Louis Fashion Week in September.

Her current designs reflect space age themes: the desire for exploration, the effects of technology and the idea of retro-futurism—tension between past and future/alienation vs. empowerment. Her early work involved dye, printing and manipulation techniques. She says, “With the help of the Inspiration Grant, I am now able to transition my designs into the digital world through the use of digitally-printed fabric.” 

WHITNEYMANNEY wearable art features textile designs with saturated color and a mix of realistic texture, linear quality and an element of deconstruction. Layered with fabrics such as cotton silk, organza, knits, poplin and leather, the collection will bring the ideals of the space age into the modern era with garment designs featuring clean silhouettes with a street wear edge.