Kansas City Portraits: Randy Attwood

Photographer Roy Inman captures stories of the people of Kansas City.

Randy Attwood:  Creative Retirement

The key to understanding Randy Attwood’s state of mind is his beautifully refinished DIY attic, now his cozy office nook.

He started studying woodcraft because, as he says, “I wanted to do something creative in my retirement days and I figured it wouldn’t be writing.”

Previous attempts at getting a novel published were unsuccessful, not for lack of experience nor success: Randy twice won investigative reporting award from the KU School of Journalism, was director of university relations at KUMC, managing editor of the Olathe Daily news and ended his formal writing career when he retired in 2010 as media relations officer at the Nelson-Atkins Museum. “You see, my degree from KU was not in journalism, but in art history.”

Then he discovered self-publishing, which he at first saw as “an admission of defeat.”

And he now has 11 works of fiction available as print on demand paperbacks and ebooks: Crazy About You, Rabbletown, The 41st Sermon, The Strange Case of James Kirkland Piley, Spill, Blow Up the Roses, Then and Now: The Harmony of the Instantaneous All, 3 Very Quirky Tales, One More Victim, The Saltness of Time and Blue Sky Kansas City.

He can probably back off the woodworking projects for a while.

Above: Photograph of Randy Attwood by Roy Inman.