Rodolfo Marron III: Symbolism Beyond the Natural World


Kansas City artist is chosen to be one of the partners with the Lindquist Press shop project.

Peyote Deer Maize Complex, mixed media on paper, Rodolfo Marron 2013.

Marron’s artwork involves exquisite line drawings with fine detail and selective use of color with natural pigments. His work depicts animals, people and spiritual characters that draw on Native American culture and Mexican folklore, personal history and themes set against the backdrop of the natural world.

Behind each image is a layered story of symbolism and characters with a history to be deciphered in a sparse yet intricately drawn setting.

Give Me, Give Me Some of Your Milk, mixed media on paper, Rodolfo Marron III, 2012.

In mid-spring 2013, Marron was asked to be a part of Eric Lindquist’s new project ( Lindquist will work with a selected group of artists to produce prints based off of that particular artist’s style, technique and line work. These prints will then be available in the storefront of the new Lindquist Press shop.

“I’m looking forward to working with Eric, as I’ve always had a great interest in printmaking and wanted to bring that new element into my work,” says Marron. “I’m also very excited about working alongside the other artists involved, like Carrie Riehl and Brittany Ficken of the Bohemian, Peregrine Honig, Gary Noland, Joe Bussell, Ghery Kholer and more.”

Marron was a 2012-2013 studio resident of the Charlotte Street Foundation’s Urban Culture Project.

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