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Entertaining Made Lovely: Pretty painted pumpkins

Spend a few minutes on Pinterest, and you will see that there are a lot of ideas and techniques for painting pumpkins out there.

If you are looking to buy pumpkins, I recommend making an afternoon of it at a local pumpkin patch. Some of my favorites:  Weston Red Barn Farm, KC Pumpkin Patch, Carolyn’s Country Cousins and Louisburg Cider Mill.

I was lucky enough to get about 20 pumpkins from my parents, who grew them over the summer. After decorating our front porch and giving some to my favorite neighbors, I was left with three. I decided that these would be the three that I would paint.
My goal was to paint chevron pumpkins (like the inspiration below), but realized that I am too impatient to properly tape them off….maybe next year. :)My next idea was to spray paint them a shimmery light gold color, which was pretty on its own but wasn’t quite enough for me, so I gathered some turquoise-colored spray paints and went to work. All I did was spray the stems until the excess paint ran down the pumpkin to my liking, and then I let them dry for a couple of hours.It was super easy and I think they look great on our kitchen table.


Here are a few more pumpkin painting ideas (my fave is the top left one…wow!).
Hopefully one inspires you!

Credits (clockwise from top left):
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Happy Fall everyone!

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