Susan Bubb & Megan Bubb Cribb: What’s In Your Purse?

The Nutcracker Ball’s co-chairs get put on the hot seat

With so many events leading up to the Kansas City Ballet’s Nutcracker Ball on December 6, we were lucky to catch co-chairs Susan Bubb and Megan Bubb Cribb long enough to share their stylish handbag contents. Like mother, like daughter, they share fondness for all things Louis Vuitton. Megan’s LV was a much-loved birthday gift from her husband, Christopher Cribb. Now that’s the way to celebrate a milestone!

Susan’s voluminous handbag includes touchstones from the past, present and future. A Nutcracker holiday ornament will be a lovely memory of the ball. Sunglasses add chic style to this busy socialite. An ever-present cell phone features photos of Susan’s grandchildren on the cover. Susan’s signature lipstick? Classic Chanel in #96. A seashell from Honeymoon Beach on Water Island reminds her of family trips.


Megan’s purse may be the most glam “diaper bag” in existence. Her cache includes Lila the Frog from Halls Plaza for her adorable daughter, Ellie.  Diapers are always at the ready. A day planner in the iconic monogram print keeps this busy realtor on schedule.