Drink Up at These New Java Joints

Get your morning caffeine jolt at two new KC coffee shops (plus one that’s on the way).

Second Best Coffee is Waldo’s newest spot to get your coffee fix.

Second Best Coffee

Don’t let the name fool you—Second Best Coffee is nothing to scoff at. Just don’t expect the same cup of coffee every day. At Second Best, the mission is to stave off complacency and continually evolve.

“If I had the perfect cup of coffee today or the perfect shot of espresso, there wouldn’t be any motivation to come in tomorrow,” says co-owner Nathan Anderson. “We’re constantly trying to tweak things and improve and learn. If there’s any way possible, tomorrow’s coffee should be better than today’s.”

The espresso-centric slow bar recently opened in Waldo, serving high-quality coffee and breakfast options, such as breakfast burritos loaded with meat from The Local Pig.

Food options at Second Best include breakfast burritos made with ingredients from The Local Pig.

PT’s Coffee Roasting Co.

The Topeka-based company is coming to the Crossroads. PT’s has already taken over operations at the Crossroads Coffeehouse and will be rebranding the shop as PT’s Coffee at The Crossroads over the next few months without making any drastic changes to the space. One thing that will be different? Where the coffee comes from. PT’s is committed to selling direct trade and locally roasted coffee, a move co-founder Fred Polzin says KC residents support.

“Kansas City’s got a great, vibrant coffee community and we’re just really excited to be more a part of it,” Polzin says. “Even though we’ve always just been down the road, it’s going to be fun to be more involved on a day to day basis.” 

Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters

Fans of Thou Mayest’s beans who have been heading to stores all over town to get their fix now have a new option. This spring, the company is opening its first store in the Crossroads. Since the philosophy behind Thou Mayest is that coffee helps bring people together, we’re guessing the coffeehouse will be a perfect place to meet with friends. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates.