On Our Nightstand: Meditation for Non-Meditators

 Open a Book, Close Your Eyes and Say “Om”

By Alex Sher

From squeezing in your daily workout to staying on top of work to making time for friends and family, is easy for stress to build up. However, taking a mere five minutes a day for yourself can significantly improve your mood and entire outlook on life. Janet Nima Taylor has studied how people create positive habits for 20 years. Taylor is the director of the Temple Buddhist Center in Kansas City, Mo., and the founder of Serenity Pause, a daily meditation program to help anyone enjoy the benefits of meditation. Taylor’s book “Meditation for Non-Meditators” helps anyone feel more relaxed with short, simple meditations.

It’s full of easy ways to incorporate meditation into your life without changing your schedule, including a change in mindset while you eat and a breathing practice before you answer the phone. Complete with audio cues, Taylor’s book offers step-by-step instructions for meditators to achieve various goals ranging from breaking a bad habit to improving self-confidence, complete with audio cues. Her friendly voice will lift your spirits just by reading the book. Whether you are only looking for something that takes five minutes a day or are thinking about making meditation a more central part of your life, “Meditation for Non-Meditators” will help you get the most out of your practice. Available online at for $13.50 in paperback and $7.50 on the Kindle.