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5 Fitness Mistakes To Avoid

For some of us, summer is a reminder of our failed New Year’s Eve goals to shed the pounds before summer hit.

Luckily, we sat down with Woodside Health & Tennis Club personal trainer Lauren Beeves to figure out a few mistakes we may be making without even knowing it.

1. Searching for a secret. A big mistake people make in fitness is trying to find a secret. There are no secrets or shortcuts, just hard work, dedication and patience. If it was easy everyone would have their dream body.

2. Avoiding weights. A lot of people (especially women) have a misconception that weight lifting will make you bulk up. However, weight lifting is extremely important in your fitness routine and actually helps you burn calories after your workout, therefore helping you lose weight.

3. Not following a workout plan. Some people go to the gym just to put the hours in. Instead of having an actual fitness plan, they do random exercises and only a couple reps of each. Having an actual workout plan will keep you more focused and maximize your time at the gym.

4. Eating mindlessly. You are what you eat. A lot of us are guilty of not logging our food intake, and in return, we let a lot of calories slide. Logging keeps you accountable to write accurate servings so you can see firsthand where those extra calories are coming from.

5. Making too many changes. When an individual first decides to lose weight, it’s easy to be motivated and eager to get started. However, making too many drastic changes at once can quickly discourage you. To combat this, slowly develop the habits so you keep the motivation up.

If you’re interested in learning more about hands-on personal training, contact Lauren at lbeeves@clubwoodside.com or (913) 687-0454. —Brianna Peters

Personal trainer Lauren Beeves. Photo by Doug Jantz Photography.