Chante Gossett: What’s In Your Purse?

Kansas City-based designer Chante Gossett proves that you should never underestimate the young.

With three collections under her belt showcased at Skyline Salon, The Bauer and West 18th Fashion Show, this recent KU graduate is no stranger to design. We caught up with Gossett to see what she carries in her chic Fjällräven backpack to keep her going day to day.

Photo by CrystalLee Farris.

Q: So tell us about what’s in your purse.

A: Most importantly, my bag is a mini backpack because it’s functional and it holds exactly everything I need. It’s cute and trendy right now. I don’t carry a lot, sometimes just my essentials like my ID, phone and keys. Otherwise, I’ll have a Moleskin which doubles as my planner and to write any notes down. My sunglasses and headphones are essential. I also love my illuminator stick because it’s easy to throw on and brightens my face up.

Q: What item can you not live without?

A: Tough choice! I’m going to go with sunglasses. I’m crazy about using SPF, so I have to have something to cover my face.

Q: What is currently your favorite item in your purse?

A: Probably the Aesop [balm]. It’s an Australian skin care brand and I use a lot of their products. I always have a hand balm because my hands get super dry from washing them with all the dyeing and printing I do. I don’t use perfume day-to-day, and I think it smells fresh and natural.

Q: If you had to downsize to a clutch, what would you keep?

A: I would keep my RMS beauty lip shine because it’s bright pink, and I feel like my face doesn’t hold color, so it gives me a bit of pigment. Also, my Burt’s Bees to go over the lip shine to give my lips more moisture, my headphones, sunglasses and of course, my iPhone.