GoodDog2Go Makes Mobile Munchies for Man’s Best Friend

GoodDog2Go is a KC-based food truck that caters to customers of the canine variety.

Story by Kathryn Greene

It was from a lifelong love of animals and a trip to Austin that gave Lana and Kyle Robison the idea for GoodDog2Go, a food truck that caters exclusively to man’s best friend.

In 2012 they found themselves in Austin at a Humane Society parade, noticing that despite the city’s fondness for food trucks and a plethora of options for humans, there were no offerings for dogs. Once back in Kansas City, they devised their business model and launched GoodDog2Go in April of 2013 – the core mission being nutrition, education and philanthropy with a local focus.


At the heart of GoodDog2Go is nutrition dished out in both its handmade, branded treats and a well-curated product mix of dog snacks sourced from the Kansas City region, Seattle and Colorado. One brand that has a permanent place in the stock is Rawsome meat treats, which come from Midwestern farmers, are manufactured in Olathe and Kansas, and are antibiotic and hormone-free.

“The reason behind GoodDog2Go is that we’re passionate about our dogs’ health and what we’re feeding them,” Lana Robison says. “Just like us, what we put in our bodies makes such a difference. What you feed your animals is going to help their lifespan, and anything we can do to make them better is a plus. Dogs’ only flaw is that they don’t live long enough. Otherwise, they’re just perfect.”

GoodDog2Go has recently launched a dog food delivery service, stocking high-quality brands that customers won’t be able to find at large chain stores such as Acana, Orijen and Petcurean. According to Robison, the new service was an organic addition to the GoodDog brand. “For us, it only makes sense,” she says. “We’re already talking to people about what they’re feeding their dogs, and frequently at the truck people ask if we have dog food as well.”

Robison has found that, many times, without intention, people neglect to read ingredients in dog food or are unaware of where it was manufactured. “So often, if you look at treats, they can be made in China, Mexico and Brazil,” she points out. “People might be feeding their pets a really great treat and not-so-great food or really great food and not-so-great treats, so we want to help them with that balance.”

While the cornerstone of GoodDog2Go is providing top-quality food to pets and educating their owners, it wants to save as many animals as possible along the way (starting with its two rescue dogs, Lucy and Zoey, a.k.a “the quality control team.”) Each month GoodDog2Go designates a charity to receive a portion of the proceeds, working with as many shelters as they can, including Wayside Waifs, Great Plains SPCA, KC Pet Project and the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City.

The majority of GoodDog2Go’s business comes from events, private parties and dog parks. The company’s partnership with Johnson County allows it to vend in the Shawnee Mission, Heritage and Stoll dog parks anytime during park hours.

As for what GoodDog2Go plans to offer in the future, the Robisons have been inspired by the recent boom in subscription-based services. They’re looking to launch something in a similar vein, delivering a monthly goodie box for your furry friend that will contain toys and treats (all-natural, of course.)

To find out where GoodDog2Go will be next, or to request them at an event, visit