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7 Amazing Taco Spots to Try in Kansas City

Tacos pretty much have their own weekly holiday (Taco Tuesday, anyone?), but we’re still happy to celebrate with tacos anytime. Here’s our favorites in the KC metro.

One more reason to love Saturdays: It’s the one day of the week Bichelmeyer Meats offers its homemade tacos. While the purveyor of fresh, local meats might not be an obvious spot for tacos, it is a worthwhile one. Plus after you’re done hunting for crumbs, you can pick up any meat you might need for the week.

Some of the offerings at Taco Republic. Photo via its Facebook page.

Using traditional Mexican meats like barbacoa and cochinita pibil, Taco Republic‘s laid-back taqueria in Westwood is a tasty destination. The menu features more than 10 taco options, plus extras like elotes, tostadas and wood-fired chicken, a specialty available in limited quantities daily.

A small family restaurant with a wonderful view, Los Tules on Broadway sits just across from the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts, so you get a majestic view while dining on carefully handmade Mexi. One of the (literally) big attractions for starters is the Volcano Margarita served in a 40-ounce glass for two, topped with two upended mini Corona beers. It’s the perfect opener for a heaping plate of the restaurant’s famous ceviche or spicy sauteed shrimp fajitas.

Vegetarians need not be left out of the fun. At Zocalo, you’ll find crimini and shitake mushroom offerings topped with goat cheese, arugula, roasted corn and crema for lunch and happy hour. And if you’re making your taco trip on a weekday, you can get five mini tacos, each with a different filling, for just $9 from 3-7 p.m.

Lobster Tacos from Zocalo. Photo from their Facebook page.

Down the road in Westport, you can score the elusive, often-neglected member of the taco family: hard shells. Cancun Fiesta Fresh serves hard shell ground beef and chicken tacos for just $1.75, but if street tacos are more your style, you can choose from a selection that includes BBQ beef and beef tongue and cheek for the same low price.

For the perfect combination of atmosphere and appetite satisfaction, Port Fonda is your best bet. The restaurant’s fried avocado tacos de aguacate are a favorite, but we’re always willing to try what’s on special during Taco Tuesdays.

You’ve heard the legend, but have you tried the tacos at In-A-Tub, the North Kansas City spot that’s amassed a cult following over the years? Put your doubts aside and order the famous deep-fried tacos, which come with lettuce, sauce and powdered cheese.