Thanks to the Royals, Kansas City has Already Won

You win some. You lose some. Two games into the World Series and the Royals have so far chalked up one in each column. Of course we hope to see the team take the title but no matter how many runs our boys in blue score over the coming days, one thing is certain: Kansas City has already won.

Commentary by Lara Hale

Whatever the outcome of the next few games, the 2014 Kansas City Royals have come further than even their most loyal fans dared dream. After sweeping the American League Division Series and then the American League Champion Series to clinch their spot in the fall classic, our home team already has a record-setting postseason to celebrate. Now, in late October, we find ourselves cheering them on with renewed enthusiasm and hope.

We have every reason to believe there will be more reasons to cheer, but already these Royals have accomplished so much for Kansas City. In the last few weeks, they’ve given us a reason to gather together with friends and family. To high-five strangers. To raise our heads high. To believe that we are world-class.

Their unlikely success story has put our city in the spotlight, leading people all over the country to take a closer look at KC and all it has to offer. It seems like every day we see a new piece in the national media extolling the virtues of Kansas City—and every time we do, we recall anew the many reasons we have to be proud of our city. In the days and weeks following the series, the attention will subside. But the reasons for our pride of place will not. Kansas City is an amazing place to call home not just in the postseason but year round.

Photo taken by William Smith

We owe a big thanks to the Kansas City Royals for helping to remind us of that.

Photo of Lorenzo Cain courtesy of the Kansas City Royals Facebook page.