Mark T. Steele Named Truman Medical Centers COO

Truman Medical Centers has a new COO.

Truman Medical Centers President and Chief Executive Officer Charlie Shields named Mark T. Steele chief operating officer. Steele will continue to serve as TMC Chief Medical Officer (CMO) among his other responsibilities as UMKC School of Medicine associate dean of TMC Programs and University Physician Associates executive medical director.

“I am excited about this expansion of Dr. Steele’s role. He has served as a dedicated educator and mentor to hundreds of medical students and residents. Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Steele is deeply committed to the success of our medical staff, a commitment I share as chief executive officer,” Shields says. “Mark came to TMC (then General Hospital) in 1974 as an 18 year-old freshman in the six-year UMKC School of Medicine program. In his 41 years at TMC Hospital Hill, he has become a nationally recognized emergency medicine physician with many awards and more than 100 published journal articles. In addition, he served as President of the American Board of Emergency Medicine in 2010.”

As COO and CMO, Steele will be responsible for the clinical and business operations of TMC. He intends to focus initially on quality, productivity, patient safety and satisfaction and patient throughput.

“I look forward to this new challenge in helping to lead not just the clinical operations of TMC, but also the business side of the organization,” Steele says. “TMC has a long history of serving the people of Kansas City.  It has a bright path for growth and prosperity and I am thrilled to help lead us into the future.”

Dr. Steele has served on the faculty in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the UMKC School of Medicine/Truman Medical Centers since his graduation from residency in 1983. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine.