Design & Remodeling

For Stay & Play

A guest bedroom functions as an entertainment and relaxation space to be transformed at the push (or pull) of a bed.

Story by Brooke McGrath  |  Photos by Bob Greenspan

In need of a place to house video games and visiting guests, Dr. Neal and Siri Campbell made sure that a multifunctional guest suite was part of their lower-level transformation.

The Campbell family, who relocated to Lenexa from Pittsburg, wanted a reminder of the East Coast city they fell in love with, so they turned an unfinished lower level into an “industrial, warehouse-style basement,” as Siri calls it, with a dedicated room for gaming and guests alike.

“We have three boys who needed a room to play and have as a “gaming” space; we also needed a place for guests to sleep if we were to have visitors,” Siri explains. “To dedicate a whole room to either idea just seemed to waste space. We didn’t need a bigger house, just an efficient way to use the rooms.  I didn’t want a bed taking up a whole room when really no one sleeps in it except for a few times a year.  My boys would just jump on it, so the idea of the Murphy bed came up.”

The dual-purpose guest bedroom is just what CHC Creative Remodeling gave them. The “game room” for the three boys—ages 6, 10 and almost 13—is space for them to go, be loud and play video games, says Judy Transue, business director/co-owner of CHC Creative Remodeling.

But when the TV is turned off, the floor-to-ceiling cabinet wall folds down to reveal a Murphy bed for visiting friends and family. The Murphy bed, designed by Kevin Transue, CR, GCP, principal designer/co-owner of CHC Creative Remodeling, is custom-made out of maple wood and fits a queen-size bed. Surrounding built-in storage cabinets feature adjustable lights on either side of the bed for nighttime reading.

Finishing, and thoughtful, touches in this space include a frosted Egress window and a bathroom that’s accessible from the bedroom as well as the common living area (with a shower area that can be closed off from the toilet by a pocket door to serve two people at once if needed). The rough-cut white oak sliding warehouse doors, as Kevin calls them, with custom-designed, hand-fabricated hardware and steel pulls, complement the industrial feel (with farmhouse elements) of the whole lower level, as do the Aviation-style chairs. Painted gray on the “gaming” side to match the bedroom’s door frames, the warehouse doors are stained a natural tone on the home theater side, separating yet defining each individual space.

As flex spaces continue to grow in popularity, this guest suite is right on trend with its space-saving, dual-purpose identity. “It’s very efficient use of a small space,” Judy says, which clearly defines the overall purpose of the room.