10 Questions with Dolyn Bags’ Ami Beck

Find out why fashionable Kansas City women want Ami Beck hanging around in their closet.

Interview by Kimberly Stern 

Photo by Andrea Larson

It wasn’t long ago that many local fashion aficionados touted Ami Beck as KC’s “emerging bag designer”—but we think her metamorphosis is complete. Fresh from the glitz and glam of Kansas City Fashion Week’s star-studded runways, Beck’s sumptuous collection of handbags once again grabbed the attention of show attendees, bloggers and other designers. Crazy attention to detail, inspired design, beautiful hardware and a passion for perfection define Beck’s luxury line, Dolyn Bags.

From the Alicia Hobo to the Victoria Sling Bag to the buttery Classic Tote, women are clamoring to own a bag created in Beck’s West Bottoms studio. And the provenance of the company’s name—Dolyn—is as endearing as the spritely designer: Gwendolyn is Beck’s favorite name, so she abbreviated and branded it. Keep burning that midnight oil, Ami. Your customers are lined up outside the door for a Dolyn.

Dolyn Bags Classic Tote

1. What word do you love the sound of? Feisty!

2. What CD or book are you currently enjoying? “The Woman I Wanted to Be” by Diane von Furstenberg and “The Glitter Plan” by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor

3. What was your first job? I baked cheesecakes at Sherry’s Sweets in Odessa, Missouri.

4. What is your favorite pastime? Laughing.

5. From where does your design inspiration come? Inspiration for new designs always comes out of the blue. Like at dinner.

6. What is your entertaining secret weapon? A fabulous outfit.

7.  How many handbags do you own and do you have a favorite? Too many to count—the Classic Dolyn Tote is my favorite! Takes so much time to make—but so, so worth it.

8. If you had to leave Kansas City forever, where and what would your last meal be? A campfire cookout with my family on my dad’s land in Odessa.

9.  Where in Kansas City would you take out-of-town visitors to wow them? Liberty Memorial and Union Station, and then to my killer studio in the West Bottoms.

10. What hashtag defines your life? #baglady

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