Dress To Impress With These Styling Tips

Kansas City native turned Parisian Diane Coletta, the blogger behind Petite in Paris, shares her styling tips for the season.

Kansas City native Diane Coletta recently made the move to Paris, where her love of fashion and petite frame inspired her to create the blog Petite in Paris. We’re charmed by the looks she puts together, not to mention their beautiful backdrops, so we asked Coletta to style three fab outfits for fall and share a few of her tips for making an fashion impact with a petite frame.

“For me, it is all about the jackets and the scarves,” she says. “I look for a shorter leather jacket to flatter a petite figure. Underneath the jacket, I recommend a thin fitted knit top. Buying clothes that are sized appropriately is especially important for a petite woman in order to avoid the extra bulk. For added warmth, I layer with a scarf that can adjust to be either the focus of the outfit or blend in. I prefer to wear my scarves so that the ends land close to my waist.”

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