A Hair How-To from our October Fashion Shoot

Stylist Michele Taylor shares how to create an upside down braid, one of the chic looks in our October fashion feature.

Love the laid-back yet polished upside down braid in our fall fashion feature? The photo shoot’s stylist, Michele Taylor, walked us through getting the style on set.

“Braids are so popular this year,” Taylor says. “What I like to do is a little bit more of a modern twist. It doesn’t have to be perfect.”

1. Take the front section of the hair and separate it into three strands.

2. Like a French braid, you grab strands as you go, but each time you add to the piece on top, you pull it under rather than over.

3. Secure the end with an elastic and then separate the braid with fingers, messing up pieces for a more romantic feel.

4. Pull remaining hair back into a high pony tail and secure it with an elastic. For a little extra polish, pull hair into a bun.

5. Spritz with hairspray to finish.

Pair it with cuffed denim and cozy oversized cardigan like we did here and viola, your relaxed weekend style has never looked better. Or wear it from errands to the gym and sweat it out in style.