Hand & Land’s Natural Beauty

Go inside Hand & Land, the Park Place destination for natural home and beauty products.

Hand & Land owners Jessica Moler and Nicole Lobdell

From the moment you walk into Hand & Land’s unassuming Park Place store, you can feel it’s a different kind of beauty and home shop—and not just because the air, pleasantly perfumed with the store’s bevvy of fragrant products, has an instantly calming effect.

It’s because owners and cousins Jessica Moler and Nicole Lobdell have more than just making you look good in mind; their natural, organic and often handmade beauty and home offerings are good for you, your family and the environment. Products feature minimal packaging and are vetted to make sure they don’t contain the Toxic Ten, chemicals commonly found in personal care products that have been linked to a long list of health concerns.

News of those harmful effects was what first got Moler and Lobdell interested in natural beauty brands.

“We started doing more and more research about the harmful effects of the beauty industry and all the chemicals that are actually in products and how frightening it was,” Moler says. Lobdell adds, “You have no idea the amount of ingredients that are in a normal beauty care product.”

Both had dabbled in making their own products and were motivated to cut out additives for personal reasons: Moler has sensitive, acne-prone skin that’s been aided by a natural skin care regimen, while Lobdell suffered from headaches, nausea and dizzy spells because of her sensitivity to synthetic fragrances.

Picked and tested by the owners, each item stocked has a story, whether it’s Juniper Ridge’s Backpacker Colognes, which bear a batch number you can search online to get the story of how that specific group of products was made, or Marble & Milkweed’s handcrafted, organic beauty creations.

“This line is actually the whole reason I wanted to start in skincare,” Moler explains. (We’re fans of its surprisingly luxurious rose and chamomile body butter.)

Getting to know some of the vendors and watching them grow has been a benefit of opening of the store, and those personal connections go a long way at Hand + Land, where the shopping experience feels akin to going through an in-the-know friend’s cabinets.

In addition to skincare, hair care and fragrance products, the shop carries a little bit of everything—from toys, accessories and paw balm for dogs, to eco-friendly crayons and play dough and upcycled fabric toys for kids and a collection of apparel and goods from local brands such as MADI Apparel, KC Beard Co., Ocean & Sea, Shine Candle Co. and KC Cool. Shelves are also stocked with natural hand soap, dish soap, all purpose cleaner and laundry detergent (and a refill station where you can stock up again once you run out without getting a new container) as well as beautiful wares for the home.

Despite its variety, the shop is well curated and avoids feeling daunting, no easy feat when people are coming in looking to add natural products to their lives.

“It’s important not to feel overwhelmed; that’s why I think making small changes is the key to it,” Moler says. The pair recommends starting with deodorant and cleaner if you’re new to the natural product world and paying more attention labels, looking up ingredients you don’t recognize so you can make informed purchases.

“I think people are becoming more and more aware of the fact that what goes on their bodies is as important as what goes in their bodies,” Lobdell says.

Stop by 3-5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 17th and check out the shop for yourself during its Harvest Happy Hour, featuring craft cocktails complements of Sustained Juice and Wood + Salt. –Kelsey Cipolla