Kansas City Fashion Week

Following World War I, the men coming home from overseas did not want to go back to farm life after what they had seen in the big cities of Europe. As they moved out of country life, Kansas City began to grow and thrive. The Garment District became a major hub known for well-made products using quality fabrics, second only to New York. Utilizing the assembly line, garments could be made faster and cheaper in Kansas City than anywhere else in the country. By the late 1940’s the Garment District employed over 4,000 people and boasted that 1 out of every 7 women in the United States purchased garments made in Kansas City.

As the styles changed over the years, and people started dressing more casual for work, the factories began ceasing operation. The 1960’s interstate system literally cut the Garment District in two. By 1988, all the factories had disappeared.

Today, a new revival is sweeping across Kansas City. The old brick buildings of the once grand Garment District have been renovated into stylish lofts. Designers and Boutiques again populate the city, bringing a new age of Fashion into the heart of the Midwest.

In a collaborative effort, designers, boutiques, photographers, models, stylists, and artists have come together to make Kansas City Fashion Week an event to be talked about and remembered. With the path forged by our past and the talent leading the way for our future, Kansas City will once again be remembered as a Fashion hub.

By being a part of Kansas City Fashion Week, you are part of the continuing movement to restore downtown Kansas City.

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